First of all the good people at Warp Web featured our Aqua Blue 'Avenue Lo' and 'Avenue' bikes on there gadget and lifestyle page:

Click here to view the article.

For those who are still in the water about the Aqua Blue Cartels, you still have a little time but best to be quick if you are considering to a make one yours.

A quick way to get your hands on one is via our friends at Diner Tokyo:
I am very interested to see a custom Aqua Blue Avenue or Avenue Lo.

This week I have been in quite a nostalgic mood I guess it's the changing of the seasons - but when I get nostalgic I need to listen to funk:

Funktion 001 by Mr.Tikini by Mr.Tikini on Mixcloud

Here is a mix I made way back in 2011 entitled FUNKTION; the concept being Function and Funk coming together, and I am not talking about Functionality I am talking about a function as in party 
a large or formal social event or ceremony.
"he was obliged to attend party functions"
synonyms: social event, partyoccasion, social occasion, affairgathering,receptionsoiréecelebrationjamboreegalaMore

I was inspired greatly by my father who would drive around London in our old Vauxhall Caviler Coupé Listening to Horizon FM back in the 80's :

All this inspired me to collect together fellow funk lovers and make a 'function' called Funktion back in 2011, here  are a couple of shots taken by Jesse Freeman from that night:

Twigy, Afra & Zen La Rock


I believe I have come a long way from those days but it is the creating of these experiences that make our road.