This update as the name suggests we are going to be focusing on the color 'yellow' which for our bikes means the yellow 'Avenue'... 



I can't help but think just how much yellow suites the slender horizontal frame of our 'Avenue', its timeless looks and nostalgic feeling yellow can create, combine to make an eye-catching cycle in the streets. 



When custom the choices really begin to open up, here we started with another eye-catching part Diner's original 3spoke carbon wheel:



To this, we added toffee colored parts by Brooks...starting with their micro-fiber bar tape... 



Actually, according to Brooks the color is 'honey':



And they have the saddle to back it up...with my old friend the B17:



Since we are using the color yellow this new drop by Columbia and Atmos wore by me...seems fitting:



In other news we have a New release from Apron records - WOOOooo!:



'Sun Runners', and let's face it the sun is technically yellow so this one definitely gets a share:



Check the music video for the first single:



Finally...and believe me even though I make these fliers myself the yellow car is just a coincidence... this Thursday night also = Funktion: