Last week was exciting as some old friends of mine were visiting Japan to once again expand there scent business, yes they are the people Muro Scents actually we started importing there hand rolled organic incense sticks back in 2014 via our First To Market stores site

With a passion for quality based aesthetics presented in a simple and clean way, in a market that is often over looked, I feel that both Cartel and Muro share similar idealogies.

Muro Scents - Nordic Musk Teaser from Muro Scents on Vimeo.

Furthermore we both share a common love for music, and even the same love of the curators of music like our mutual friend Brassfoot, who made this mix for this Muro about one year ago:

Look out for Muro as they continue to expand their product base to perfumes, diffusers and such like.

I enjoyed a good and productive weekend.
Waking up early on Saturday morning for a photoshoot with brand tac:tac

They selected this location for the shoot and I really like the the way the red, blue and green offset each other, but the most important feature is the clock in the park. As every shoot we have done together there has always been a clock in the background like this:

Returning back to my neighborhood I bumped into this guy AGAIN, as we bump into each other at least twice a month - check back through the blog to see what I mean:

Selling coffee right off the bike is a great idea in my opinion, especially because he adds a good dose of coconut oil in there for health and energy reasons - good appeal for riders.

After having a quick nap, I decided to jump back on my bike and run some errands, and I don't use the word BACK in vain, as the past few days, weeks and months have been filled with rain, there have hardly been any chances to get out and ride. 

I took this picture for our instagram to celebrate!

Yesterday myself and BYM decided it was time to make another song as it has literally been months since we have had the chance to record together and after dropping the Kikusui video the itch was back. 

So as usual I made my way to Higashi-Mokujima close to the 'Tokyo Skytree' Oshiage area.

Arriving there BYM and RONCY had already started drinking at the local Tengu family restaurant / Izakaya - actually I could not tell what type of establishment it was however the food was good and prices average.

We ate and drank until the infamous Mori Banks arrived as we decided that we wanted him to do some shout outs at the end of our song.

The area BYM and Mori Banks live in has a quite a large 'Danchi' within it and this is where BYM and Mori Banks were both raised, giving them quite a frank outlook on life that is only too familiar to me growing up in Kings Cross London where my surrounding neighborhood 'Cally' was full of public housing, that housed working class families and immigrants. 

Unfortunately these two enjoyed one too many beers and whatever came after that so drifted into the land of 'we'll record it later and send it' ....

That did not stop me though.

More updates coming soon!