I will start this post by saying rest in peace Stan Lee... since I have always been captivated by the Marvel universe ever since I got some X-men cards back in year 7 of secondary school... from there I was always struck by how deeply Stan Lee had thought about this Universe...multi-dimensional and including alien realms, the future and so much more.



Actually, during secondary school, I remember being informed by a teacher that X-men's Professor X and Magneto were both based on the Martin Luther and Malcolm X...actually the characters, plots, and objects go much that deeper than that but I'll leave it up your curiosity to figure that out. 


I'd highly recommend getting into the 'Civil War' series though and with that said thank you Mr.Lee...



So I was thinking it's time for an unofficial bit of fun via W.A.C.C, and every November we get the perfect chance via the one and only GINZA GL...



A nighttime festival that is spread over 10 venues in and around Ginza with each venue serving you up the best OG and underground sounds Tokyo has to offer.



This year I'll be playing alongside my Funktion crew (Yudaini and Iori) at the venue Bar Boo:



But just look at the full line-up!!!




I propose that we all meet by Diner as usual and ride to the start Vapeur:



This one is unofficial and it's every man for himself...



If you want to enter GL you can hit me up for the advanced tickets which are only ¥2000 - hit me up on the night and it will be more.


You can catch me and the Funktion crew from 04:00 till 06:00, and here is the full timetable for your consideration:



Oh and the map!



Hope to see you there...


On another note last week I came across this track from the video game Zero Divide:



I have no idea but it really started reminding of the sounds your likely to come across on this radio show:



Finding the song I instantly shared it with the king of diggin' in the carts Nick Dwyer...



but he was like to me (every so casually) oh yeh I played that tune on my last radio show:



Well, there you go I guess man really is digging in the carts...