Once again the forces that be deem rain to be the suitable theme for the weekend.
Which gets me to thinking about how you all check the weather, which for the most part determines whether or not I will be using my bike.

I mainly use the application AMESH on my iphone by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government:

However it seems they have discontinued the application for iOS9...so I have had to look for other options.

Yahoo Weather App

Yahoo's option maybe good if you can read and write Japanese however I tend not to be as trust worthy with major companies like Yahoo as there scope and services are too vast to specialize, in my humble opinion.


So I finally settled for Accuweather, which as there name suggests is a company that focuses 100% on accurate weather forecasts the world over. 

Forces at be, we humble beings have a few tricks up our sleeves, so even we must to subjugated to your nature we can always for the most part be prepared!

The weather has also made it hard to go out and get good shots for the Cartel Instagram, however that has given me the chance to use more shots from past shoots that may have gone unused like this one:

If you did not know this shot was taken on Tokyo Rainbow Bridge; where cyclist are not permitted to ride meaning we have to put our bikes onto these ridiculous wooden skates. The thrill of riding on that bridge is one of my dreams especially bombing down the looped part of the bridge!

Who knows maybe one day?

Moving onto the weekend...

The Hellrazor crew present:


“LAMENT OF iNNOCENCE” Shawn Powers Solo Art Exhibition presents by Hellrazor

9/26(Sat.) 17:00 - 21:00 (Opening)
9/27(San.) 12:00 - 21:00
@ SO gallery
150-0046 東京都渋谷区松濤2-14-12 シャンボール松濤 #108 

More Details Here

Meanwhile at Osiris... 


You can watch the full version over at Osiris !

See you all next on Monday.