So who is ready for tomorrow?


I know I am...



Yep I was just itching to do something with my bike and ever since Diner got their hands on Encore wheels, I've been overly curious to try them out, since apart from the obvious weight thing...yes I gained a few more grams but will definitely enjoy great wind resistance, more flex in the ride translating to power to wheel, designed and built in the USA by people who have been in carbon wheel game since 1988... I think I got a good thing...



For me, new parts mean I need new protection, so I also picked this up from Diner... a little something new from Abus:



Onto tomorrow...


According to Siri, tomorrow's forecast looks like rain right?


Yet, last week we were hit with this same kind of news...or should I say information:




And you remember how *that* turned out? Pretty much drier than Cheech's mouth after a few rounds with Chong... I mean fair enough IT DID rain last Saturday, but a lot later in the night than predicted by Siri, and certainly no reason for us to re-schedule, but alas we can only learn from our lessons.


Tomorrow it will NOT rain; this according to the Tokyo Met. agency:



Other sources corroborate my hypothesis... a small chance we MAY see some showers in the afternoon...but the weather is going to be just right:



So let's get it tomorrow!



Yet again Steven Julien does it again - I felt something when watching this video, as with all the videos that drop from Apron Records...but this resonates on a whole deeper level, especially since the hardest person to Love is myself... 



Thank you Stevie!



Now go get yours:



On the subject of self-love... I remember this 2015 throwback, if you were there that night then you know:



Also, I am giving you advanced notice about this years... GL 



If you know you know...and if you don't then please ask me what this is all about, but whatever you do DON'T MISS OUT!!!