It's always nice to see how the press make use of our bikes -  since our scope for shoots is somewhat limited to our immediate resources, hence it's always exciting when we receive brand new issues of magazines in the post that our bikes have been featured in; just like the November issue of 'Fine':



That made use of our bikes look so natural, by using well styled and composed cuts like this one with our matte white 'Avenue':



With the overall theme being; get out there and explore the world:



Their chosen vehicle for exploration being our strong red 'Avenue' (since they used it more than our matte white 'avenue'), yet the message is the same - so for all you existing cartel owners out there, why not put both your bike and self to the test, by exploring a new city, town or area:



I will suggest one thing though if indeed you are planning to explore make sure you get the correct set of tires for your bike - namely a pair that has strong resistance toward simple punctures like Vittoria's Zaffiro:




I've been using these tires for well over a year now on both of my bicycles and I can truly say WOW, I have never had a sudden puncture in over a year (apart from the person who thought it was funny to unscrew the valve on the front tire  on one of my bikes - you have major karma coming your way!!!). 


Actually, you might have noticed this is the tire of choice we use since most of the bikes we shoot for our Instagram and blog make use of the 'Zaffiro':



You'll probably start noticing it everywhere now, but how about on your bike? 

'Fine' magazine, made the strong red of this 'Avenue' more real; in that the raspberry red hue is a much more bold statement than say matte black or matte white.


But just look?



Also, you can see how well it can be customized and with colored parts like Encore's sublime wheel:



Why not make the strong red 'Avenue' your companion?









I am going to leave you with the latest drop by my oldest and closest 'buddy' in the world... 'Brassfoot':



Have a listen:



Then read his commentary on the release via Hyponik !!!