It's been an intense week and month in general and combined with particular celestial activities have made things move at an extremely fast rate, even though the rest of Japan is enjoying so called Silver Week - which is a term used to describe there being a weekend followed by three consecutive days of national holidays.

Anyway last Saturday the day before S-sense we drove to Haneda airport to go pick up Jay:

There are some amazing views to be enjoyed in and around Haneda, at both Terminal I and Terminal 1... as we got to find out due to there being a subtle difference between I and 1.

So we left Terminal 1 and headed to Terminal I, arrving just in time to welcome Jay to Japan:

That evening I actually had to take care of a photo shoot with Hakk from Rat King and Akeem-san, so after the shoot we went for drinks/food, where eventually Jay and the gang joined us:

The next day we enjoyed a great S-sense party and Jay's set was amazing!
Monday also had it's own adventures but I can't disclose those secrets just yet.

Which moves us onto Tuesday where my family and I woke up early for a shoot with Grind Magazine.

After which it was time to send off Jay (yup back to Haneda), and this time we had a guide (big up Lqqk Studios) things a little more easy and enjoyed the wonderful sky lounge in Terminal I:

But alas all good things have to come to an end and it was time to say good bye:


Actually we used a portion of 'THANK U JAY' for our spring music video below (around 44 seconds in):

Cartel Bikes in Spring from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

Finallly, yesterday while in my neighborhood I passed by a friend's store where I caught him and others watching Jay's Boiler room set, not just watching it but enjoying it!

Which made me glad to see that Jay's visit to Japan was a chance to expose his music to new listeners!

Mission complete.