To start off by giving a big thanks to Fine Magazine for putting our matte white 'Avenue' to good use for their October issue of Fine Magazine:



Bringing a whole new perspective to our bikes by always co-ordinating them with particular looks and styles specific for riding or for those with certain lifestyles:



Which makes total sense as currently, as cycling and bikes have continued to prove themselves to be integral to our day to day living whether for recreation, sport or commuting or daily use:



It was also nice to see our bikes matched with brands like Ralph Lauren, as on a normal day to day, it's little tricky for us to get our hands on such fine threads to use for a shoot:



On the subject of white, I thought I would share two customs bikes with you that are worthy to be matched with any fine threads you may own yourself.


A slightly traditional feel here, which we offset by using long riser handlebars for the added 'street' feel:



The traditional element of this custom 'Avenue' comes from the use of Brooks Team Pro saddle and here we have the Honey colored version of this fine leather piece:



The only part we could follow up that fine saddle with is their own Plump leather grips which are also the color Honey:



To keep those shades of brown going and that classical theme running we used another favorite of ours...Michelins Dynamic Classic tires:



If you are interested in this custom or want to find more ways to customize our bikes please contact our friends at Diner - 03-6427-2745



Keep an eye on our Instagram to see more of this custom: