So I am in the process of deciding how to fine tune my bike to get those valuable gains and that EXTRA special feeling when I am bombing around the streets of Tokyo.

I have had fun changing the wheels or my bike around:

During early summer I was using the 20mm clincher wheel:

They were awesome; offering good acceleration and the convenience of being instantly removal giving you added mobility.

Anyway as it stands the current status of my bike is this:

And it is about time to switch it up a bit...

Firstly going to switch to Diner's Carbon Bullhorn Handle bars

Also thinking of losing a few milimeters of carbon and switching to the 50mm rear wheel instead purely for experimental reasons.

And only today I realized/remembered that my chain ring is from my old bike...very subtle but shocking news so I am going to switch it over to Diner's Direct Crank Set:

Also my straps have been rained on far too much so it's time for them to be replaced for these POWER STRAPS:

One thing I started to appreciate is the fine attention to details that are capable with our bikes, so I want to add these Greddy hub nuts to the rear of my bike:

And finally some Bar Ends for the handle bars:

Results coming soon to a Cartel Bike blog near you very soon.