Just when we thought the S-SENSE wave could not get enough, Jay Daniel blesses Cartel with a new mix:

Please take time out to listen while reading the rest of this blog.

I first met Jay back in 2014, when he first came to Tokyo to perform at Module and being quite frank I knew little about him or his music, but through JMS KHOSAH quickly realized that he was linked in very well with Funkineven and as a result all those around Apron Records - which is always going to be the seal of approval as regards music.

We hung out briefly and I realized like everyone else around Apron he was more than anything good people! 
We stayed in touched and between Koko Miyagi and I thought we should try to bring Jay over by ourselves one day, so being the Tikini type of guy that I am prematurely attemped the challenge:

...and failed, yep this event never happened.

Still though, we kept the link and by some works of magic we met again in London back in December 2014:

Funkineven, Jay Daniel, Tikini & Brassfoot

Where Jay had flown in for a show (as well as Kyle Hall), so we were all collectively able to just hang out - very good times but I'll save that for another time and place.

The type of music I want people living active lifestyles to enjoy, is the music coming out of this unamed group of artists spanning from London, Detroit, Miami, Berlin and of course Tokyo. 

So whenever you start your day you feel inspired to "Experience Your Road"!