My imagination becomes quite active when I am riding around the city, especially at night... back in the days when many parts of Tokyo were new to me when my youthful vigor was more motivated and you could ride around with headphones without getting harassed so much. It was at these times when my imagination would go wild...



Sometimes believing I was in a virtual reality, living mission to mission, with my bike being like the DeLorean was to Doc or this new character in 'Ready Player One'?


If I am going to be a character in some game, then these outtake pictures for a shoot we did for Kode; would definitely be on the mood board: 




Thanks to: 


Producer - Kohei Matsuda

Stylist - Shinya Kuroaka

Photographer - Rob Walbers


Let me talk a bit about a real hero who rode a bike, and claimed worldwide fame back in a time where for someone like him, the odds were naturally set against him, his name Marshall 'Mayor' Taylor:



I was shocked that I'd never heard of him before and came across his story by chance, but like me, the man rode fixed and was definitely not afraid to ride fast, inspiration indeed...



Anyway, don't drink and ride, and check out his story...:



I wonder if the technology we have for our bikes in this age would have allowed me to have a fighting chance against the athletes of that age, imagining how the spectators would have wowed at the appearance of my bike...



I would keep the sticks on too!



Keeping the theme of legacy running, Steven Julien's latest release 'Bloodline' is about all that and then some...


I gotta say this, but it seems that only a few people are really pushing this music thing forward to levels, without killing or destroying the soul, the soul is life itself... the absence of the soul is the opposite, my worldview is biased by this opinion. 
This nuisance is hard to for many to comprehend since the soul I am talking about is something you feel and cannot be learned... it could be said that it is in the blood, hence why Bloodline is such a potent release.
Big up Mr.Julien each and every time...


I have been slacking off my SUP studies recently, which in some ways I am not sad about...definitely do not miss the Jellyfish, imagine starting off your morning by seeing this guy all washed up:

Once again I have to big up N'dea for putting me onto another good thing, this time Alkaline water, get on it people!