With our collaboration in full swing, it's about the time we show different ways to enjoy your "City Bike", customizing your bike is the one sure ways you gain and a deeper love of your bike.


If you already have a bike then adding or changing parts to it will make you feel like you are riding a new bike. However for those of you who are buying a new bike; then customizing it makes the bike unique.


The classical feel of the bike makes Brooks leather parts a perfect match...


Whether those parts are Black:



Or the obvious choice - Mustard:



For this custom, I started with Brooks slender leather grips in black:




And of course in Mustard, these grips will not only make your bike look fancier, but also make the bike feel expensive from the smoothness of the leather:



For the saddle, I went in a different direction for each color, for the black, I opted for the Team Pro saddle chrome a vintage racing inspired saddle:




For the Mustard colorway, I went with the legendary 'Colt' saddle; that has maintained popularity since it's drop back in 1979:




Both colorways are a great match for the elusive "CITY BIKE"; with it's even rarer Cantilever brakes:




Embossed head-patch...



Silver crankset:



And opened rear end in true fixed/single gear bike style:



The "City Bike" black Brooks custom:



The "City Bike" mustard Brooks custom:



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