Welcome to another edition of W.A.C.C, where we have been keeping our movements down to a minimum, as you may have noticed on our Instagram... it's definitely a time of reflection for us while we think about our next moves ...



No doubt though, it will be revolved around music, as we have been from the start as we continued to be inspired by our surroundings and the many great creators connected to us, like Funkineven who had some words with Mixmag:



Ooo don't forget that his label Apron just made a fresh drop of T-shirts n such...best to get in there quick before they sell out:



The same can be said for his new drop 'Bloodline'...oops too late pre-orders are already, which just goes to show how the world feels about what Apron is doing:



You can check the 'Bloodline' sound clips below:



Also, you can listen to the Apron radio show here too:



All this music has me hyped to once again unite with my Funktion brethren TONIGHT...myself and Outer Loop (formerly known as Haruki but most known as Harry) made a mix not too long ago and I can't wait to present it to you all:



We are always grateful for the good vibes you have been bringing to the Funktion...



Let tonight be no exception... AMEN: