Since our collaboration with 'bal Original' the words classic and classical have been thrown around a lot lately, with my colleagues even asking me what the differences between the two words actually are; within the context of bicycles.


Cooking up a classic custom that has a classical feel to it is quite simple if you start by using a bike like the matte white 'Avenue'. 



The Avenue itself with its slim horizontal frame, head tube, and no thread stem make it already reminiscent of the touring bikes of old...



I always like to ensure any customization of the matte white 'Avenue' retains a nostalgic feeling and the custom we  posted on our Instagram today is no exception:



I have no real idea when riser handlebars started becoming a popular option, but I think its definitely a more recent trend especially on fixed and single speed bikes. I use them since I feel they have a user-friendly appeal:



However, Brooks' slender leather grips are always there to add a touch of sophistication and that 'classic' look to any bicycle:



That black leather from both the saddle, grips plus the tires makes for a great contrast against the snow white frame and silver parts.



A simple yet strong custom matte white 'Avenue' for your riding pleasure:




An alternative could be by using promenade handlebars like below:



White is a great base for mixing colors too, so you can try some of Brooks other leather shades like this B17 in dark brown:



If you want to switch it up completely, then how about the "City Bike"?