Welcome to another addition of our 'Wallpaper Wednesday', I feel this post could not have come at a better time simply due to the horrendous Typhoon like weather we have been putting up with for almost nearly a month now (come on now give us a break!).

This wallpaper Wednesday I dedicate to brighter days and triumph over adversity, hence the victory pose below: 

Click the link below to download:

Literally due to this weather Summer seems to have ended abrubtly, and is now much more like a distant memory than the never ending dream we are use to, but thanks to film, I was able to capture some memories myself that I am happy to share with you:

From Koara's 8th Anniverysary.

The day after in Osaka for the Jaguar XE launch.

Admiring the beauty of Shin-Sekai while broke.

They after that being blazed by the Kyoto heat at Fushimi-Inari.

The last Sumida River Firework festival.

That young man who was touring Japan by Bike alone.

Me and one of the many new friends I made this short summer.

No matter how short it was I'll take these memories to the bank like:

How did you enjoy yours?