Welcome readers to the 28th chapter of the W.A.C.C Chronicles...



Where it seems like the whole world is bracing itself for the 'Black Panther' movie, on this subject lets look at where T'Challa is from... the country or land of Wakanda, which is located:



It seems to be neighboring to the origins of my Father's land Uganda, but since most of the world's current borders are nothing more than modern constructs, there definitely could have been a time when Uganda and Wakanda were part of the same civilization...just some random food for thought.



On the subject of superheroes; I get to thinking how riding around the city on my bike makes me feel like a superhero (or at least used to!)...riding around the city of Tokyo (mainly by night), spreading vibes, preserving dance music and the culture around it?  Defending the innocent from Space Invaders, Vampires, Sleep Walkers and other forms of duppies.



I would remain 'Tikini', however, my bike locks would be for beating off wack DJs and the aforementioned evils of the city, my superpowers would be my unorthodox method mixing of records; leading people to spontaneously dance, while improving bar sales and from time to time arousing listener's curiosity to the point that they ask "what tune is this?".


Actually, around this time each year, I find myself being rather more reflective than usual, and subsequently, I found myself going through some old pictures of myself...


Here I am patrolling the city a few summers ago; you'll note that my legs are very skinny for someone who rides a bike every day.



My costumes have changed over the years, but I was quite fond of this particular setup, the camouflage jacket I am wearing here had the ability to help me avoid Toyko's most ruthless road gang (disgruntled old taxi drivers with stomach ulcers), while also having special cloaking abilities...this item was passed onto me by a Nordic Prince



This is my workshop where I train and make tweaks to my two-wheeled chariot...but it's actually a front, that keeps the W.A.C.C HQ hidden (don't tell anyone ok?) - in the picture below I was removing my saddle to replace it for the current carbon fiber model I am using!



Yes, just like a superhero, as time has progressed I have made refinements to both my bike and also to my craft.



Here is one of the last times I rode out on that configuration of my bicycle:



Soon after this, I gave my ride the ultimate upgrade in the form of the direct driven Omnium which I combined with the renowned Japanese Sugino Zen.



The combination allowed for devilish speeds on the Tokyo streets and made other riders comment on how big my Chain ring looked! 



Truly legendary days...



Beaming out this update like...