Monday blues? 

We hope that after viewing our Instagram post today that would have changed your view!

Expect to see more of the sky blue 'Avenue Lo' this week, as well as other custom versions of the 'Avenue Lo'.


On the topic of Instagram, last week we focused on our 'Avenue' and the many ways it can be customized, from the simple to the complex. In this blog post, we will share the best examples of the forest green and Bordeaux.


The biggest highlight of last week was probably the snow here in Tokyo...which hindered a lot of movements but allowed for some good photo opportunities that we, of course, took advantage of;



The Bordeaux 'Avenue' frame color is intoxicating, just like a bottle of wine from the year 2000 with the same name. Our Bordeaux begs its owners for custom parts that help its deep purple frame to be distinguished, we knew that so use silver parts as the default color of the bike. So what is left for the owner to do?



These Promenade handlebars; offer that rare vintage feeling while also hinting at a type of elegance that one might associate with a classic sports car...maybe because we added Brooks black leather grips to them?



With the classic sports theme being exaggerated by the C19 Brooks saddle; that is composed of the lightest materials and is widen at the base for prolonged rides both in the country and city.



Who would have thought that one saddle can make such a difference to the mood of your bike? 



This package if bought from Diner could be yours for ¥91,152...



For those who are looking to bring out the darker side of the color purple, black parts are a definite suggestion, even more so if that black comes from carbon fiber like we have demonstrated with the custom below:



The effect of the carbon parts visually is the purposeful intimidation that comes with the idea of high performance and SPEED.


The 50mm carbon wheelset is obviously more subtle than it's 88mm and 3 Spoke siblings, and while perhaps not offering the same explosive performance of the later, weight loss and aerodynamics gain will be obvious, a difference that no other non-carbon fiber wheel could offer.



Not forgetting Diner's original carbon fiber bullhorn handlebars, that weigh in at 240g, and maybe the most menacing looking handlebar I've ever seen on the streets, but note you will need a headset adapter to fit those handlebars onto the 'Avenue':



With Diner's original carbon saddle also thrown into the works, this no-nonsense custom 'Avenue' can be yours for - ¥176,260 !!!



Keeping that sports feel alive while blending in elements of the above two customs, is this forest green offering...



Using the headset adapter allows for these slim black handlebars to be fitted, with riser handlebars being the most friendly to ride with, while always giving any bike those good looks you'll notice that Brooks leather grips make a return here too for some black-on-black action:



This time we skip the wheelset but add 10mm of carbon fiber on the front wheel via Diner's orignal 60mm front wheel:



While once again making use of the original carbon saddle, that is thin sleek and weighs only 90g...90grams!!! 



This custom forest green is the perfect step up your game package for anyone looking to get a bit more serious with their ride - ¥132,948 for any budding cyclist.



We'll end this update with the custom that you all showed the most love last week...


Just like my own cartel bike it shares the same 3spoke and 88mm wheel pattern I have that offers that real explosive acceleration plus all the aerodynamic benefits once you reach cruising speed...



Yes, I also use Diner's original saddle which makes me suspect where the inspiration behind this custom came from...hmmm



The charming point of this custom has to be the drop handlebars by Deda; the drop is relatively small which allows for rapid hand movement between the top of the bars to the bottom, finished by Deda's cushioned bar tape which is a pleasure to grip onto as your speeding to your destination:



The 3spoke I have already mentioned, but I am going to use the below picture to mention Michelin's Pro 4 tire, which is built with high puncture resistance, durability AND it has that yellow go faster stripe:



The ultimate 'Avenue'? - ¥225,000 



Fortune favors the brave...