In London and Tokyo there has been movement going on during the last week, that I wanted to take time to blog about. 
Starting off with my friends Brassfoot (who is based in London) and JMS Khosah (who is based in Tokyo) who have released a joint cassette tape from their new label imprint NCA:

In you didn't know, analogue platforms have been making a come back in sales over the past few years, and cassette tape is no expection, as the format makes for an excellent collectible item, and retains that charming hiss most of us can remember from our Walkman or car stereos!

With backing from Apron records and a merciless music first approach, NCA is set to be the new standard as far as indie record labels go and they really do mean business, as this music video for NCA001 shows:

You can buy a copy of the tape from the NCA bandcamp, but I suggest you hurry because copies are limited and the tape will most definitely become a sold out nostalgic hero.

If that was not enough Apron Records have dropped a playlist of their entire catalogue onto Youtube:

Furthermore Funkineven's recent release the Apron A16 was featured on Juno as having one of the best records sleeves of August:

Finally Brassfoot also did a guest mix for Radar Radio London:

At Cartel, we believe that music is an important part of keeping an active lifestyle, I am hoping this music and vibes within this post help your to experience your road.