Thank you to everyone who came to 'Society'; the party we sponsored in association with Cedros and Cabin, which was set in NoMad Grill in Akasaka:



The lounge restaurant boasts a fantastic view of the city, making it a good opportunity to show off the two new collaboration models we made for Cedros Daikanyama and Carbin Nakameguro as well showing off a custom 'Avenue Lo' out of our regular fleet - more on those later, but first, enjoy the view:



I really enjoyed putting it down in such settings, and bonus to play alongside DJs Kekke and Kensuke...









Here are the guys from Cedros, with the collaboration 'Avenue Lo' we made for the seafood restaurant located in Daikanyama (more on that later):



We made another 'Avenue Lo' for Cabin, here getting its first ride by the bar's manager and mixologist:



Who also prepared a special drink menu for us all:



We also brought along a display model of our own - the gun metal 'Avenue Lo', that we added our C.B.3+ wheels to and also SRAM's Omnium:



The weather was perfect, and everyone in attendance was in good spirits - thank you all again for coming and sharing this day with us:







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That said, we need a moment to thank 'Fine' magazine for placing our 'Avenue Lo' in the October issue of the magazine:




And before leaving, we must tell you that our friends at Diner have a big sale on for our gunmetal 'Avenue Lo':




See you all in the next update!