This is a delayed blog post...

However a fews weeks ago I went to vist the Just Mate team's newest venture 'SCHMATZ' in Akasaka, and in their own words; "Schmatz brings authentic and fresh German food to Tokyo – just the way we have grown to love it back home. It is founded by three Germans with a passion for food and the desire to bring it to Japan".

We at Cartel are already big fans of their Just Mate drink (the sparkling tea beverage), so were eager to visit the Schmatz restaurant to sample their sausages (it's not funny), and get an overall feel of the restaurant.

First of all I must congratulate the team, as the restaurant looks amazing both inside and out, much more than I even expected, the wood decor really adds a clean feel to the space with a wonderful mural by ex Just Another Space's Alex:

The menu offers a variation of German Sausage Rolls (hot dogs), Sausages plates, Salads, their special 'Schmatz' burger and more:

I took the Jalapeno Sausage Roll set:

A nice blend of the pepper, tomato and sausage make an excellent combination and the bread used for the rolls is so fresh, with the perfect density meaning it is soft enough to bite and chew, yet it firm enough to be filling...they even offered me a second roll free, but I was too full.. good job guys!


Special thanks to the charming Tanabe-san for being a most gracious host!
Schmatz is definitely worth a visit, especially if your riding around and fancy a quick pit-stop:


Hours: 11:00- 23:00 (last order 22:30) Mon-Sat

Address: 港区赤坂3-19-8

Be sure to wash down the Sausages with a Just Mate:

A good source of natural energy and good thirst quincher... one of the main reasons we had to add them to our Cartel Network: