The many mysteries of Nishi-Azabu or "the west" as I like to call it - this building is now known as the Hotel-S:



It's actually a residence as well as Hotel... but I've heard stories that the building is a bit haunted? Either way, it's a self-proclaimed hideaway for adults, that I am hoping to try one day.



The joys of film photography...another medium and expression for us here at W.A.C.C, which allowed for this shot: 



You can get your 'Always Maintain' Tee now too, and if you know me personally I'll offer a very special mates discount:



Next our 'Specular'...



I recently performed some maintenance on mine for the first time which including greasing the chain and tightening some parts: 



I also had to make the tires firmer...



10.9 PSI:



The W.A.C.C 'Specular' is really the ultimate city explorer, and it has been taking me places like this spot Boogie Woogie in Ginza:



Some OG vibes going on there:



Like this Harmonica selection...just tight:



On those vibes, I'll leave you with this...