Well it has been an intense weekend indeed...and I am actually still in the thick of it.

I say that because I am writing this blog from a capsule hotel in Kyoto (the capsules are bigger than I imagined, if however a little hot).

Well actually thats how the blog started but the wifi in the hotel was too slow, so let me just re-cap back to last Friday where I was mentioned in this instagram post:

It's actually a rather large poster that is on display somewhere in Daikanyama, from a shoot I did with the emerging brand TAC:TAC.

Friday evening I made my now regular visit to Burgermania, in Hiroo as I knew I was going to need Stamina for the weekend ahead:

Where this guy an olde friend of mine is learning the ropes of the burger trade.

That night I was invited to a magic show, yes you read right a magic show at a bar in Marunouchi House.

It was actually a magic bar where you are entitled to drink as much as you like for your stay, while enjoying the table service magic show, and the on stage magic show performed by this guy called 'Mac':

The show is very tongue in cheek and moves at a quick pace, and plays on the fact that visitors expect to be wowed...and man we were:

An unopened bottled of water with a card I wrote my name on earlier...I don't know how 'Mac' got it in there, but wow!

And then this a card I choose earlier Mac some how shrunk and placed on my chain... very sneaky, scary and genius... because I believe he placed this card onto my chain even before I had selected my card, which is very mind baffling stuff, especially under the influence of drink!

That was enough for my Friday night, so I retreated back to the 'Tik Cave', knowing that Saturday would also be a busy day, well kind of busy day.

Linking up with the guys at Diner, we headed to the Azabu Juban masturi, as 2 of the Diner guys are from that area and because I also used to live there and wanted to catch up with some of my old friends and neighbors.

It was crowded and hot, but still a lot of fun as we ate and drank our way up and down the SHOTENGAI (high street), the best drinks for me were the Mimozas (freshly squeezed orange and Champagne), which provided the right lubrication,  before we all had to make our way to Koara Summer Camp of course 1) To celebrate their 8th anniversary and 2) Because I had to DJ...

It was a great night and I am really thankful to everyone who came through to celebrate with us!!!

And man did we celebrate:

Which made for a difficult Sunday, even more so as I had to DJ that evening in Osaka: 

The ride was great as I slept most of way and also checked out the new Apron NTS show:

Oh yeh I was playing for the Jaguar XE car launch:

A car I would seriously consider if I had a budget of ¥8,000,000 to purchase a new car, and also if I was going to purchase a new car anyway.
The launch was a success, but I had not eaten all day and I had only one calling; KUSHIKATSU (deep fried things on sticks!), seriously I must east KUSHIKATSU if I go to Osaka, I mean MUST!

So I jumped a cab to the Shinsekai area of Osaka...

Ran to the nearest conbini, only to find out my bank had stopped ATM transactions that night; who does that ?!?
SO COLD, SO EVIL I mean HOW could they leave me stranded and hungry in Shinsekai with only ¥2000...

I was very unimpressed:

So what is a brother to do? 

Tune in tomorrow on the Cartel Bike Blog Show with Mr.Tikini!