The 20mm clincher wheel was a nice experience for me especially when taking my bike on the train as the front wheel was easy to remove, however I wanted to take the challenge of removing my front wheel with use of a tool set, in order to continue to develop my skill and knowledge of bicycles as a whole. 


Photo by Eric Guzman

The first thing I realized about the Diner Carbon wheels is the added power to floor they give the bike, meaning you can gain greater top speeds due to the momentum the aero dynamics build, while you pedal a long, so before you know it you'll find yourself at a cruising speed, with ability to dash at any moment.

That a side they look so damn purposeful:

Shots taken for the Cartel Insta this week

If you already own a Cartel Bike why not try customizing yours?

A customized Avenue Lo.

The 3 spoke Carbon Clincher I use as my front wheel, it makes a magnificient noise when your pedalling and is a head turner for sure:

Available now at Diner Tokyo

To offset the 3 Spoke, I am using the 88mm clincher wheel on my rear:

Also Available now at Diner Tokyo

Lets see how it goes when I travel with them!