So after recovering from my crabby ordeal I am happy to say that both mentally and physically I am back, actually the recovery seems to be the turned around point of this year.


The Chrome season theme I have been pushing is moving a long steadily and I want to thank Diner for taking this buyer's snap:




As we can see here he has swapped the 'Avenue Lo' standard bull type handle bars for some drop handle bars while including Brooks saddle and grip tape, Diner's 88mm carbon wheel and finally our carbon forks...good work.


You can start a similar course by getting the 'Avenue Lo' Carbon Fork Edition:



Available now for ¥108,000


How do you gather your inspiration? Me... I can say it's defnitely through the specific things I like or deem interesting and of late it has been a few things but I'll start with film. Allow me to send you back a few months to when the majority of films I gleaned inspiration from were of the science fiction or fantasy type - which unfortunately make for very predictable storylines that play on age old archetypes that are sprinkled with mediocre acting performances...films like:


1) Excalibur (oh dear).



2) Enemy Mine (Hmm)



3) Krull (indeed).



Just to name a what is the appeal? It's most certainly the imagery and for the most part bravery the thought that went behind trying to visually recreate these whole new worlds.


So what else has been getting me ticking? Needless to say music and having been re-united with a specific record:



I thought I'd lost it but turns out it was just boxed in deep within the archives...if you are wondering how it sounds you get can hear it in this mix Brassfoot and I put out way back in 2007...when we kind of looked like this:



Moving on to more recent times though I once again bring into the Diskotopia realm as they have been featured as label of the month on RA:



If that was not enough there next "pay want you want" compilation made the news there too...but will actually be out on release TOMORROW:



Until then you can enjoy last year's drop:



To conclude I will say there is nothing like good libations to help inspire and raise the spirits...literally:





See you next time.