I took this picture last week - which I will come onto a bit later, but I posted it onto our instagram to demonstrate what exactly makes my Cartel bike unique... In case you forgot here it is again (in analogue):



My frame is a bit different because it was made specifically for me and features some secrets - but when you see me in the flesh I will let you know what they are. Today we will start with my crank and chain ring!


The crank set comes from Sram with their silver version of their Omnium:



However I wanted a more purposefully built chain ring so decided to roll with Sugino's Zen using the 52 inch model:



A interesting combination that comes out like this:



We such quality parts transfering my power to the wheel I knew I needed a tough reliable chain...so I went with HKK's Vertex chain in gold:





This combination gives me extra confidence and performance on the road while looking menancing:



If you want more advice on how you can customize your Cartel bike feel free to contact us at info@cartelbike.com


So going back to the picture at the top of my post, I took it on the stairs of Koara, as I dropped in last Wednesday to check out the boss's DJ set which happens once a month at his event '303'...



When I stepped in he was playing this joint:



A great tune and he of course built the set up from there, as always is the case with Koara, I left happy and rode contently into the night:




Hah which is probably why I took these photos.


The weekend gone was hectic indeed, but within the choas rememberd one important fact... that one of my favorite places to be is behind the DJ booth... another would of course be on top of my bike.


Saturday afternoon I made it to the BAL exhibition...



The collection was really on point but you will have to wait a few more months to get a closer look but for now....



After that it was a train ride to Yokohama to put in a set at Vivre:





The shop is called Surcram and we have placing our collaboration with Deepers Wear there...



Definitely had people looking... and Surcram is definitely the best store in Vivre. After my set I went for a meeting regarding music releases from here on in, we chose this local dining bar... and though I can't remember the name, it was delicious with a great selection of craft beers...



The beer was great but the winner for me was number 6...



I am going to leave you with this mix by UGQWAMOTO: