Last weekend was particularly musically focused, with this new release from OSIRIS DCLXVI being the main cause:

Omaar - Faabric

Apache 'Omaar' Suarez is from Coacalco, Mexico and I met Omaar via the internet around 2 and half years ago; as I had been listening to his music via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Tumblr; and was impressed at just how diverse his productions could be and also that he was from somewhere in Mexico. During that time I was also in the process of compiling Osiris's first release 'OSR001' back in 2012, so asked if he would be interested in joining the release:

Fortunately he was and his tracks are 'Grimey Thirsty' and 'For You'; both which show his affiinity to UK music but still retain his own unique "VIBES before GENRE" style.  Since then Omaar and his friends at N.A.A.F.I have been gaining world wide recognition, and I was pleasantly surpised to watch this video last week:

You can find more Omaar here:

That a side, last Saturday we shot the first video for our Monster Boyz project, in Akihabara and Ueno.

Special thanks to Roncy, Semmei and Hibibliss!

The track is entitled 'Kikisui', and I guess ended up drinking 2000ML of the potent sake, so yesterday I had replenish my body.

Starting with this Mexican burger (Faabric?) at Burger Mania in Hiroo.

Then just a few hours later topping up with this Soup Curry in Aoyama.

From tomorrow I'll be heading out to Ishikawa-ken so expect some interesting updates on our instagram!