The first Friday of the month seems to come around so 

fast these days... 

Before we get into that though lets get carbon crazy...


What is carbon fiber?



"A carbon fiber is a long, thin strand of material about

0.0002-0.0004 in (0.005-0.010 mm) in diameter and

composed mostly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are

bonded together in microscopic crystals that are more

or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber."


Personally I am very obessed with Carbon since with it 

their could be no life...ANYWAY!


Our friends at Diner put together this custom 'Avenue Lo':



This is a full on Cartel X Diner custom and is only available

at their store in Nishi-Azabu unless you fancy putting the 

parts together yourself.



The parts of this custom are as follows:


Diner's 3spoke Carbon Front Wheel.


Diner's 88mm Carbon Rear Wheel.


Cartel's Carbon Forks.



Coming together to make you a very light and 

aerodynamic 'Avenue Lo':



For more information contact Diner - 03-6427-2745


A good starting point for your carbon experience could be




Our carbon fork edition 'Avenue Lo' comes in two colors




And black:



It's all about how you'll experience your road, so how will 



Hopefully not like this...



Me taking advantage of my friend's transportation last 

night instead of riding home myself :-) considering I 

ride my bike almost everyday I think once in a while is not



On to the weekend!


Tonight is Water Works...



With special guest DJ Luu from Taiwan:




At our favorite bar Koara:


Cartel Network Vol.3 - Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.


Then tomorrow a very rare party at bar Stella in Asakusa




Remember whatever you choose to do

'Experience your road' and enjoy!