Getting right into this update I have to start by thanking 

the people at FNMNL magazine:



For featuring our upcoming party with LAPAZ and just in 

case you missed it:


A new way to experience your road - 'Cartel' by Cartel Bikes.

from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.


Hope to see you there.


Do you remember this bike from our instagram?:



Well you all showed this bike quite a bit of love and really I

cannot blame you at all...such a simple and definitive 

custom 'Avenue' put together by Diner (thank you).


Simple because there are only three custom parts to it; 

actually if you have been following this blog you may 

have noticed that I have been mainly focusing on simple 



The first thing you may notice about this 'Avenue' is the 




The Blue Unicanitor saddle by Cinelli is makes a light and 

comfortable statement indeed.





Next is heavy repeator on our blog and with good reason




Diner's original 88mm carbon wheel making the standard

 'Avenue' lighter and more aero dynamic.



The final touch comes from Michelin:




I have also used the Pro4 Service tyre which is slicker than

rick, but also gives you that coloring option... nice!



So lets give it up to this custom 'Avenue' just one more 




Last week I also took part in a photo shoot for brand 

TACTAC... and as usual they chose an unusual setting:






Really rare...



Decorations and equipment were scattered  all over the 





It was actually a snack bar of epic proportions and if you ask

me nicely enough I might just tell you where it is...



That snack bar actually had a lot of analogue equipment,

and while dropping into the CE exibition last week I was 

shown something that needs analogue equipment to be




Telepathy... if you have to google it then it's too late but 

wow, it was one rave I always dreamed about going to 

but was WAY to young to enter...


But I know man who not only use to attend, but actually

use to spin at those raves:



He goes by the name of Stitch or back then Lieutenant 




I guess some legends are real?

Anyway enjoy these tid bits from the UK's amazing rave 

culture... and I'll see you in the midweek?