Last weekend turned out to be very busy for me!

Of course it kicked off with Water Works where our guest DJ Michael Malcomb really held down, and played a total of three sets, and before the party we did the Cartel Network shoot for Kaora's bike.

It's always nice when Cartel Network bikes get together!

However knowing I had a long weekend ahead of me I left Koara around 3:30am in order to keep some energy reserves for the next day, as I planned to watch Sumida river fireworks show.

Setting off at around 17:00 I rode my bike from Azabu - Hamatsucho - Tsukiji - Toyosu - Finally arriving at Ariake in Odaiba at 18:40; the ride actually took me a lot longer because of the traffic diversions setup by the police for the fireworks (quite frustrating!) and I was forced to ride much further east than I would normally have too.

I arrived in good time to catch this pre firework shot.

The final bang until ??

The whole display went on for about 2 hours and was the last display they will be putting on until 202? due to the Olympics; which in honesty is a little sad because it has been a tradition to view these fireworks from my friends house in Ariake every year.

After the party had finished I rode from Ariake to Shibuya; which was a much easier ride as the diversions were not in effect. I actually had to DJ in Shibuya from 2:00am...and the ride to Shibuya put me in high spirits... APART FROM the fact I also had a model shoot from 4am!!! 

Yes straight after my set I had to dash home for a shower and shave before setting off to Machida (by location bus) for a shoot with the brand ***** and magazine *****!!!


Yes the shoot was located in a Scrap yard, which I found to be quite refreshing from the usual.

Monday came around and so I went to Diner, where they had a really inspiring surprise visit from a young man who was touring Japan by bicycle. He is only 21and decided to take one year out of university to tour around Japan on his fixed gear bike alone, which to me really is what EXPERIENCING YOUR ROAD is all about.

Good luck to you on your travels young man and to all the readers who "EXPERIENCE YOUR ROAD".