One of the most interesting things about working with the

Cartel, is that you begin to notice certain things, like the

types of people who join the 'Cartel'...



Like this gentleman I call 'The Big Ant', back when he 

picked up his bike, he told me he was also producing and 

recording music under the name 'ANTARIUS'... and the

other day he hit me with his  latest release like BOOM, so

it's my pleasure to share it with you all:



One track on the EP is produced  by a chap called Rellim 

who produced this particular number that I cherish:



Actually on the point of beat-makers I have also been 

impressed with the amount of work the homie 

'Developedmindsmusix' - He's been making beats 

everyday for the past few months, and just a few months

ago dropped this EP:



Big Ant's bike reminds me of mine in it's much earlier 

stages where the only difference was the carbon riser 

handle bars I had (Eric G big up for this snap bruv!):



However once you get use to the aerodynamics and 

acceleration the Carbon wheels offer you... what is next?


Well this gent seems to have the answer...



Take the weight of the front of your bike with these two 

easy steps:


1) Get our Carbon forks:




2) Get Diner's original Carbon bullhorn bars:




The weight reduction combined with the aerodynamics of

the front wheel will yield you great results... especially 

if you keep them balanced with the might Chris King

Nothread headset:


Do your research and you'll soon see this headset has no

need for maintenance and keeps your bike STABLE on road!


Complete you should look something like this...



The final touch to make your bike special is the replacing

the crankset with one that has a solid bottom bracket like:



Yes the Omnium by Sram is solid my friends and allows you 

transfer as much power to the wheel as your legs can 




So why not change the way you 'Experience your road'