No doubt for many of you this is one of the most relaxed 

Monday's of the year...enjoy it.


Today we'll start with this nicely put together custom 

'Avenue' by Diner:



Sporting exactly 4 custom parts, it can still be considered

a simple custom bike.



The first part is one more my favorite saddles which is 

this number by Fizik:



Next is the rear wheel - which by now, all you regular 

readers will recognize as Diner's original carbon 3spoke:



Which has wrapped around it another part that has been

making recent rounds on this blog...



Which is Michelin's Dynamic Sport tire!


That last part is a very nice detail especially if you have a 

white cartel bike:



The bike speaks for itself really the most important thing 

though is to start experiencing your road today, just like 

this gentleman who joined the cartel only yesterday:



Welcome to the Cartel!!!


Since getting back from my mini pre-obon holiday things 

have been pretty busy especially on the music front with

no shortage parties going around.


Last Thursday I was invited to play at OHKA THE BEST DAYS...



Pulling up it to the spot it was clear to see that someone

working at the venue was into bicycles (above), which

would make perfect sense as I was invited my DJ and 

bike man Watarude from God Service:



Actually I went out to park my bike and was hard pushed

to find a space on the railing - "maybe everyone here owns

a bike..." (I said to myself).



Either way the party was in full motion and everyone was

in good spirits from kids to adults:



Maybe it was the sake, IPA, Gyoza or the Godly combination

of them all:



Watarude chose his selectors very well with Yoppi

setting it off before me:



While was Yoppi was on the set I was introduced to someone 

who had one of the most amazing Tshirts I've seen in all my 

time here in Tokyo...



I am just gonna leave that there for you to soak in but

most of you won't have a clue lol...HANDSHIDDEN MAN!


After he set it off it was time for me and I was told to

only play records - not knowing what type of vibe the party

would be, I brought a mixed bag but felt like playing these:



Big up Grooveman Spot!


The final selector of the night was Yo.An who has also been

making rounds on this blog recently.



The nicest point about this party is that the cast were 

literally into riding and skating, that extra connection

that makes the music, drink and food taste that little

bit better.



I was such good spirits after the party that I took this

picture thinking for some it was cool...



What was I thinking?!?