So my summer holiday began with a 3 and half hour 

journey to a deeper part of Ishikawa-ken... that is past




With little light pollution in the Noto region of Ishikawa

you can get great views of the stars and whoever is 

passing by (Hakui is famous for UFO viewings).



However Hakui and UFO's were not on my agenda at all,

my sole purpose was to basically just relax and experience

something else.



The first of which was a Matsuri in Nanao city where in

particular area (where fishing families mainly live), they

appease their gods to bless them with abundance for 

another year of fishing - Ishikawa-ken is famous for the 

quality of fish that reside in the sea of Japan, in Tokyo 

you would probably have to find a very fancy establishment

that serves anything from these waters.



The festival was HUGE as were the shrines I believe

all 5 of them...



I really have to thank Yu-san for opening his house to me

that night.


The next day I was invited to visit Japan's 3rd most powerful

point (Mount Fuji is first)...I had not much idea about it

something about a hole and being located in Suzu...



I can't lie I thought this was the hole too

which even with these spectacular views....



Would have been a little underwhelming to say the least,

but it wasn't the power hole laid down under and me the 

homie were ready to feel it.



Descending down the tamed cliff the hole laid opened

ready for us to embrace it's power ?



My homie wasted no time in entering the damp and

humid cave hole...I guess this is why we were 

provided with helmets (haha).



Upon entering the spot you instantly feel the change in 

air and that strange feeling sinks in where you reminded

just how much wonder still remains in this world we live...



Whoever arrived here first saw fit to sanctify the hole with

a worn face of what appears to be the Buddha... I paid my




Then proceeded to enter the waters to collect the

power stones...



Yeh it did feel like an RPG quest...but hunger quickly

brought us back to reality where we drove to the 

neighboring Noroshi area to grub at a local kissaten?



The day went by quite fast after that, and we returned

to Nanao...



Where I got myself involved in a bit of evening riding

lol not quite to the standard I am use to but I made 




More adventures to come soon!