Excuse the radio silence...did you miss our updates?

In the first place the silence was due to me taking a brief

hiatus... which you will find out more about next update.


Since it has been such a long time there is just so much

I want to share with you. 


Keeping in line with my personal theme of making

memories this summer, I have been keeping busy with 

my film camera. Film to me gives the moments an even

more nostalgic feeling, which is what the summer is all

about for me.



I posted the above picture on our instagram; I called the 

picture an outtake from a video / photoshoot we did for 

a new line of products coming to a Cartel near you soon.



You will also remember we had that hellish party we called

'Hadies Night'... well sometime after the party ended I 

got these 'Otsukare' snaps:




Now don't ask my why but I found this photo amongst the

collection and asked myself..."why would you take such a 

picture sir?"...



Then I realized it was when I was out with the guy on the 




who owns this thing...



Keeping in line with the making memories... here is a 

moment from Koara's 8th year Anniversary...



Which was exactly this time last year, which means the 

time has come again...



The celebrations will be spread over two days but you can

catch both Andre Mcleod and myself on the set on the 



8.13(SAT) OPEN21:00-MUSIC CHARGE¥1000

DJ NORI(Tree/GALLERY/ Kontacto)
Andre McLeod(test press Tuesday)
Tikini(Water Works)


A celebration not to be missed!


Cartel Network Vol.3 - Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.



Another thing not to be missed is my mini summer holiday

which I will share with you all starting tomorrow...



Keep it locked to the Cartel...we are not going anywhere,

oh and on the note of "keeping it locked"

(UK pirate radio vocab),

this killer show was posted up on NTS...



These type of sounds first greeted me when I started tuning

into Pirate radio when I was 12 back home in London, so it's

a pleasure to be transported back to the sounds of that era ...

Very nostalgic!