Midweek again... for this post I thought I  would get more

personal with you.


Back in early July I took part in an interview with ...

Silly Magazine:



And far from being silly the questions asked while a bit 

provocative, allowed me to explain my current take on 

things probably more clearly than I have done with other 

interviews in the past.


I made it a must for the photographer to capture me and 

my bike also - as it is an essential part of how I run my 

runnings here in Tokyo.



You may have seen the picture on our instagram...


I guess my sentiments will eternally be captured in this 

song...as long as we have the internet:



In the interview I also mention Hands Hidden a project 

that has no need for description or explanation...




However you can get a good feel for my background story 

from London to where I almost find myself today...



Brassfoot is also 1/2 of another project called NCA - which

stands for .... anyway if you missed buying the physical 

tape of the lastest release 002 then it might be too late,

but you can always enjoy the video:



This links well to another person I have a lot of respect for

he goes by the name Zen-La-Rock:




I grabbed that nemes T-shirt and a copy of his latest 





Zen-La-San has essentially been around me since the start

of my Tokyo story and a we use to all get upto things like




Lets see what else the future holds for us all...


I will also take this opportunity to congratulate Elima on 

their 1st Anniversary!!!



When I dropped by to celebrate with them I was offered

this wonderful sake called 'Mizuo'



The brewery based in Nagano is said to get all the

ingredients locally with even the water being sourced from

a local mountain... giving the sake a really fresh and easy

to drink feeling. 


Check out the view...


Photograph by keiichi kobayashi


I hope I get to experience my road over there some time