It's been a busy week for us here at Cartel Bikes...


On Monday we ended the day by doing both a video

and photo shoot for a new line-up or products we have 

coming up....



As you can see from above we used our in house skater

from the Hellrazor crew, who has been shooting and editing

videos for his team for a while now, and knew he expertise

would come in handy, especially in capturing movement...


"What is your vehicle" - Hellrazor 2016 Spring / Summer

from Hellrazor on Vimeo.


After completing the video shoot, we took a short break 

while waiting for the photographer to arrive... actually he

also is no stranger to Cartel Bikes and has taken shots like



He goes by the name DISK but you'll know him as 

Daisuke Urano.


As always he did a wonderful job...if you look carefully 

you will also notice that the model is not me and is not 

a man either. 



Under Tsumi's direction and Daisuke's photography I am 

very sure you will also be satisfied we the results. 



Since Monday night I have been coping with a slight cold

which I think due to the humid weather and my lifestyle.


The feeling has me feeling like my bike when it's locked 

up...restricted to say the least:



You may have been seeing my bike and adventures a lot 

more on the Cartelgram:



The reason being is that I have been throwing the word 

adventure about quite a lot recently, and want to show you

all as unfiltered as possible just what that means for *me*.


Actually enduring sickness as much as possible I have been

getting around...



On my adventures I have been meeting a variety of people

including Chusei, who recently picked up one our bikes:



Great to see him putting his bike to use and creating

adventures of his own...what adventures would you create? 


Actually this week I have been very blessed to meet with

some of my oldest and best friends... who also appear

at the right time like spirit guides: 



Always there to build you up and remind of you of the 

important things in your life...



Sort of like this...



But much more real!


Moving onto tonight... you may remember I posted this 

video up:


Hadies Night from Hellrazor on Vimeo.


Presented by...








We came together as we wanted to create a party for the 

sake of having a a god damn good time LITERALLY,

and actually inspired by this mix:



UgQwamoto - will also be on the set tonight alongside 

some other heavy weight DJ's and rappers... a rare

meeting that happens once every lifetime and we call it:





Hadies night 
7/28 23:00〜5:00
At Organ Bar






Hellrazor and Osiris DCLXVI present:
Not for The Tame or Lame

We'll make a hellish god damned party, so hadies and

gentlemen come and join us TONIGHT!