Yes our Mat white bikes are back in stock and in this blog

update, I aim to wet your appetite....


Both 'Avenue Lo':



And 'Avenue':




Both models come in Mat white but as of now it the seems

that most people have been customising the 'Avenue'...


Starting with this one...



A lovely mix of White, Black and Brown with the most 

noteable feature being it's white riser handle bars:



The handles bars and frame contrast nicely againist the 

Tanned Leather grips and saddle by Brooks:



B17 Saddle



Brushed leather grips



Another custom white cartel I like that also used the above 

grips is the following...



The color scheme is much like the bike above but with a 

few subtle differences..



Yes the black riser bars are the first...

Also this Brown Salle San Marco Concor Supercorsa saddle:



The beige strip sandwiched between the black of Michelin's

Dynamic Classic Tire set:





That actually sit on top of Diner's original Aluminium wheel





Lovely pieces of work however you will find that our 

'Avenue Lo' bikes are the most easy to customize, but as

of yet no one has created a custom white one....


Are you up for the challenge?


Well the summer adventures have definitely begun, some

have been with planning and others without, a bit like last




What was supposed to be a dinner between myself and

Diner's mechanic but then turned into a small rescue 

mission for this guy's bike...



His left crank arm had come to loose and this rider who

is actually a messenger visiting from Canada did not 

have his tools with him.


So after Dinner we set off to repair it, with time working

againist us, actually he was only pedalling with his right 

foot, so stop the arm from the falling off. 



Luckily we managed to tighten the arm and our rider was

back on the road.


Using the rider partners handle bar iphone mount we were 

able to capture some parts of our ride...we would probably

have been able to get more on the go but someone was 

too busy with the GO....



More Adventures coming to you this Thursday!