's Friday!


How was your week? 


Minus the rain I've been on my bike a lot more since 

performing the maintenance I performed last Monday

and blogged about yesterday...


In that blog I also mentioned that I spoke with my

good ole riding partner...


Who is back on the road again after being LOCKED

down for a minute.... 



Welcome back to the roads.... 



We had a brief meeting that day but discussed some 

ideas about how we're going to be hitting the roads 

this summer and this space and also 

our instagram as we start to shake things up a bit.


In the first place though I am not a messenger I do spend

a great deal of time on the road, some streets I frequent 

a lot more than others usually by choice or by obligation.


Either way, you soon get to know which roads are more 

suited to riding... like this one I mentioned before...



Which is Gaien-nishidori; starting where route 246 Aoyama

Dori meets and continuing straight down through Nishi Azabu

and Hiro until you get to Tengenjibashi. 


The below video (thank you to whoever you are) shows the 

route if you start it from 16:55:



Alas most of you reading this have the joy of being 

weekend warriors, and if that is the case I thank you, as

you all keep me working doing what I love best which is 

playing music out.


This weekend the selections start with this special event 

at Marunouchi House:



I was asked to make a comment about how I would play

at this event and my answer was..."feel my groove"...



It's all in the groove as I demonstrated in this mix: 



I will also be playing along side Mortsafe who is part of

the Dublab radio team:



I like the fact that he is always working quietly behind the 

scenes but has an original type ish:



After that I will be playing for this event:



What I look forward is the ride between firstly toward 

Marunouchi and then after that back to Ebisu... 




A total of average of about 12Km find out how I get on via 

the Monday blog post!


Oh and in case you are about tomorrow you can catch me 

playing here...



I will get to play along the likes of FITZ AMBRO$E



And Diskotopia's BD1982



Dope vibes guaranteed all night!


Also be on the look out for...


Hadies Night from Hellrazor on Vimeo.