Welcome to the Monday update coming to you live from an

'Marine Day' here in Japan, meaning that most people are

enjoying an extra day off.


The weekend was long an action packed, with a large 

number of events that took place across the city.


Friday night it kicked off with 'The Gateway' event 

which saw large numbers of people stand in line 

just to get a pick at Lqqk's and LIES T-shirts:



it's good to see more and more independant type

brands and labels surfacing to the top...




I was accompanied by another Waterwork resident 

JR who was accompanied by a gas cylinder thing.



There were good vibes to be had that night Contact,

but alas myself and Koko Miyagi had to DJ else where,

Friday night was busy indeed..


Which made it harder to wake up on the Saturday, but 

I managed and hurled myself over to the Cult Club

office to catch this young man:



He goes by the name Young Lenox... 




I asked him what made him start drawing rappers and such

and he told me, when he was younger he always used to 

draw pictures of super heroes, and then one day he asked 

his Dad who his favorite super hero was to which he replied

"GUCCI" and so started his journey.. much like the guy 

standing next to him in the above picture Mark Drew.


That night I was also invited to play music for the new event

'Sound Pool Saturdays' at Ginza Music Bar:



A great time was had by all and it really such a pleasure 

playing on such a well made sound system!


From there it was back to Harajuku which I did on bike and 

it took me 15 minutes...


I once again had to play another set at that night this time 

for the 'NEWS STAND' 1st aniversary, and by the time  I 

arrived the party was in full motion:



 A big congratulations to all the Newsstand family...

wishing you many more years of success!



Finally I want to give a special thanks to all the people who

have been supporting Cartel Bikes by either grabbing snaps 

of their own bike or by taking time out to grab a snap 

each time they notice one of our posters here and there.


This shout out goes to K-Eye:



Keep your pictures coming and feel free to tag us too if 

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