Sometimes when I ride my bike...



Look at some of the other custom black bikes we have to 
put together like...


Koara's Custom:



This carbon edition 'Avenue Lo':



Our carbon fork edition 'Avenue Lo':




And this custom 'Avenue Lo' I recently put together:



...They can all remind me of this guy...



Especially now that all our black bicycles come in a mat 
black that would make Batman proud, here is what a
standard 'Avenue Lo' looks like:



I always advise people to think of their Cartel bike as a 
blank canvas, and the custom bike I put together above
shows just how easy it can be to create that 'Batman'
effect with any of our black bikes.


I started with Diner's 88mm carbon front wheel:



Remeber just like Batman's tools, each part has it's own
function, carbon is a very light material and in it's wheel
form offers great aerodynamics. You'll notice this when
you accelerate...



Instead of opting for the standard saddle we offer why 
not try to experience your road with another?


I chose Cinelli's Unicanitor in black (obviously):






They say a saddle is one of the most important factors in
deciding how you experience your road, and most certainly
is the crowning piece to any bike...



The end result:



How will you experience your gotham? 


As well as playing for 'NEWSSTANDS' 1st anniversary I will

also be playing at this new party entitled

'Sound Pool Saturday' at Ginza Music Bar.



If that's not enough this Sunday night Koko Miyagi and I 
are going to be supporting friends from the shop/brand 
Perks and Mini:




It seems that a number of independant select brands are using 
underground music and abstraction,  as a serious branding and

marketing tool; actually labelling it a tool maybe disrespectful, 

so more than a tool it surely has to come from a  
passion and love of the arts? Even more so when the said

artist is pretty much unknown to the unknown?




It's gonna take a lot of energy to get through the weekend,
but I have been naturally blessed with a lot of energy. The

only question left is exactly what are YOU going to do with

your weekend...!