What a weekend?


Sometimes it's like I need a weekend after the weekend 

just to recover from the madness. Lets hope this week

remains as calm with the continued sunny weather.


You may have seen this picture on our instagram this 




If so you know we promised to share the details

of the custom and while simple combine to make her bike



Starting with the mat black 'Avenue' as her base...



She choose to replace the front wheel with Diner's original

88mm Carbon wheel:




Wrapping the wheels around with my personal favorite

Michelin Dynamic Classic Tire




It's been really good sharing with you not only our but 

also our customer's custom creations... but in the end

how would you customize yours to...

Experience your road?


It's amazing just how fast one year goes... especially in 

the case of NEWSSTAND:



Who will be celebrating their 1st year anniversary

this Saturday at UC Lounge in Harajuku:


Myself and BYM will hold down one set followed by the

Waterworks residents Konida and Koko Miyagi.


NEWSSTAND to me really stands for the newest strain

of fashion culture here in Tokyo; orignal, indepedent 

and community driven.




Stocking brands like...


Beside the Bag






Acts Of Terrorism



SICKTOWN's goods:



And many more...


Actually you may remember earlier this year we did a 

small photoshoot...


Featuring one of my favorite hoodies:



And my favorite Jacket of winter gone:



You can find the rarest of original goods in the store, 

most of which are updated every weekend:






Be sure to get to make a visit to NEWSSTAND soon and 

experience Tokyo right now...




I am going to leave you in the capable hands of Osiris 

affliated Khalil Nova: