Not only is it a Friday but today this man Andre Mcleod...



Blessed us all with a new mix:



The mix is for the Summer sounds event by Eggworm

where Andre will be the main guest DJ:



And if you can't wait that long you can catch both Andre

and Max Essa tonight at the Aoyama Tunnel:



Actually the picture of Andre was taken from the 

party 'Speak Easy' where Andre was playing last week:



I played there myself back in February and was joined by

Daisuke Urano who put together a video we posted up a 

while back, but for those of you new to the Cartel enjoy:


One day with the CARTEL from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.



In other news I happy to give a peep to the next release

via the ever humble 'Osiris DCLXVI':



The release is called 'Check Engine' and it's by OMAAR you

enjoy the sound clips below, which will hopefully wet you 

taste buds for when the tape drops:



Omaar seems to be making waves around the world, and 

this mix for The Astral Plane was pick up by FACT mag:



If that was not enough his track GTR was featured by

FADER magazine too...I guess he really loves cars.


As for me and my love...?



Riding in Tokyo during the summer time but

mainly at night...


For Photo shoots:



For location hunting:



For the love of it:



For the feeling of experiencing my road, in the almost

empty streets of Tokyo at night breeze included!



How will you Experience your road this summer?