It's Friday again!

One week goes by really fast, but as always I've been keeping the Cartel Instagram busy; here are my two favorite highlights from this week:

I found this Shrine in Nogizaka; actually right next to the station... and it's called Nogi Jinja. I want to continue to use traditional Japanese aesthetics as part of Cartel's image and branding, and also reinforce the point of exploring your everyday surroundings to help experience your road better.

The end of that day I found myself at this nice Teishoku restaurant in Namiki-bashi; enjoying grilled salmon with grilled chicken. Simple yet sweet!

This shot got a lot of likes, I think it's because of the shade and shades of blue that match the wheels of my bike!

That day I ate this Teishoku for lunch, and well even though it looks nice I am sad to say it left me can you mess up fried chicken?! 

This week I also watched this compelling documentary called 'Pedal' , and it really reminded that there is a culture behind using fixed gear bikes on the street. Also as riders we probably all like to think of ourselves as fast, but in all honesty if we were really that fast we would be getting paid to take part in the 'Tour De France' or similar right? So the most important factor in determining how fast we are in these streets is our knowledge of the city!

And this bike caught my attention... as it looks like a precision tool, built for tearing up the streets.

Last night I found myself at this rooftop in Aoyama enjoying the Tokyo night sky, drinks and conversation with the homie Eric Guzman.

Always a pleasure catching up with friends.

Finally it's the first Friday of the Month which means 'WATER WORKS'.

Our guest DJ is the talented Michael 'MMFM' Malcomb, a proper DJ hailing out of the USA and doing his thing here in Tokyo, check out his latest mix to know what I mean:

August Top Ten by Michael Malcomb on Mixcloud

Looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor.