The middle of the week is here already, how have you 

been experiencing your road so far?


I posted this shot onto our instagram yesterday:



Which is an outtake for the shoot we did for Loop magazine

and also for the posters we subsequently created stay 

posted to our instagram for more this week!


Today I have to give a big shout out to Chusei the human

beatboxer for rolling into Diner and picking up our 

'Avenue' bike in mat black:



Mat Black Avenue:




He also made the most simple but cool custom to his bike

by adding this short barred Nitto handle bars:



A small customization that makes a huge difference to 

how he will experience his road.


Did you notice the T-shirt he is wearing?



Big shout out to Zen-La-Rock who is behind the brand 

'Nemes', which is the T-shirt Chusei is wearing.


Be sure to check out Zen-La-Rock's summer EP:



You can also catch Chusei doing a live performance tomorrow 

at this event:



In other news the Poshgod has blessed us once again with

a new release of sounds he made here in Tokyo name the

tracks after places and experiences he had while living 




I love how he gave all his Tokyo a big shout out on his 

bandcamp page:



Big shout out goes back to you sir...and out to you readers



I will be back on Friday with another update, until then...