What a week it's been...


Last night I had to make a cool dodge to get 

away from the 5/0...since my Knog lights...

some how managed to disappear, if you don't know these

lights charge by USB, have a great battery life and are 

real bright. Anyway since last June the laws on cycling 

here in Japan have become more strict.



So riding without lights and or with headphones on will

warrant the police to pull you over, however when I need

to get somewhere and don't feel like paying a fine...

I cook bacon - if you bump into me I might share the full

details with you.


Well today is the first Friday of the month which means

tonight we will be here at Koara:



If you saw our instagram on the 19th of June you might 

have seen this image of their Cartel bike and mine:



They have made some cool customisations to their bike,

but it use to look like this when we first shot it:



Cartel Network Vol.3 - Koara from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.


We will gather at Koara tonight for the monthly meeting of 

the Water:



Do get involved!


I was thinking back to 2013 when myself and Konida first

conceptualized Waterworks, it was a time when we were

being visited by Lofty305...



LOFTY has been keeping busy of late working with Denzel

Curry on this tune:



And also recently dropping this...(artwork by him too)



While in Tokyo we shot this video, for the song RITE FOR ME:



Which was a track produced by Konida of the release




I guess Waterworks is now a certified CSPG affliated event

since not only did Lofty305 and Rubenslikk perform their

but of course so did the POSHGOD:



He now has a regular show on NTS, the last one filled with

some gems he found during his time here in Japan:



We'll miss you homie!


Lofty305, Rubenslikk, Poshgod and Poshtranaut were all

members of the group Metro-zu, and I remember one 

day Lofty telling me that he took the time out to download

this film for me...



Whether you from Zu mountain or not...the weekend is 

upon which means it's time to be a warrior and...


Experience your road!