It's the middle of your week already and what have

you done?


Well Frankly$ick from label 'House not House' did this...



Went over to Diner and picked up our Chrome 'Avenue Lo',

and then proceeded to cycle around 30km back and forth

through Tokyo for various appointments...welcome to the

Cartel indeed sir.


He also posted this shot to his instagram (big up!), seems

like he is making a great start at experiencing his road...



His regular party 'HNH' seems to draw a nice mix crowd

and the vibe goes something like this:



You keep updated with him and the labels movements via



We're already talking about ways he can customize his bike I thought I'd give him a quick run down of some

customs that both I and Diner have put togther:


1)  Leather and Carbon custom



2) Drop custom



3) Brown leather and silver custom



4) Chrome and Silver custom



5) Our 'Avenue Lo' Carbon fork edition




The forks you can pick up as custom parts:



As well as these Carbon handle bars:




Not forgetting this game changer to, the carbon seat post:



Well Frankie Dollar...hope you got some extra dollars stashed

away cos like Groove Chronicles said... X WANTS YOU BACK:



See you all on Friday!