Making memories from Monday?


I hope so, as this week is yet another chance to experience

your road.


On our Instagram I posted this up:



It being the 2nd of the test shoots I took using a 35mm 

film camera. Watch this space to see what happens this



The poster campaign is still on the go with the latest 

addition being at the store Pot Of Gold just off Cat Street:



You can see the poster there in it's full glory as you enter 

the store...



The store stocks a bunch of really cool brands some of 

which are exclusive like ATM, Awesome Inc and POG's 

original brand 'Pot of Gold'...





Once I upon time you could even find one or two rare 

Osiris collaborations pieces in there like this:



Drop by Pot Of Gold and check them out 

for yourself:


所在地/150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-28-7 1F




On another side note...

Big birthday shout out to Loren!!!



Saturday night we killed up Pizza Slice 1... good vibes!


Moving to Sunday, where I was invited to play for Remedy

at our networked Koara...



The Remedy crew are young, but It's nice to see other

youngsters who understand what good dance music is,

and this mix by KAZUHO shows in part what I am talking




The other guest DJ we were joined by is KOTSU who is 

running his own night called Arcade©95 also worth 

checking out.


I will leave you in the capable hands of Marquis Hawkes,

this song entitled 'Summer Memory' sums up exactly 

what we are aiming to do this Summer and what we

should be doing everyday:



His new album Social Housing is available now for a mere

7 pounds Sterling, go get that: