Welcome to the Friday update!


Last week I started experimenting with film as we try to

express the idea of experiencing your road in new ways... 

so posted this on our instagram:



And making memories that you won't forget like we did 

last year when we visited Kansai by bike...



I took the above and below pictures last year using a film,

feels nostalgic right?



In another news remember a few blog posts ago when I 

posted about taking a part in a photo shoot for some new 




Well the media is nearly upon us and it's called...


FMNL - Phenomenal Matter - Launching 7.7.16



Shout to Yokoching, Mars and Wardaa!


Another launch just took place...



The Boiler Room set has already been taken down

from their site but you can the recap here:


Funkineven Fallen Recap


The album is now available for purchase at 

Disk Union:



The launch showcase also had our friend Brassfoot on

the set, who has recently started his own show on NTS:



Congratulations to him!


Finally this weekend you can catch me playing

at Bonobo tonight:



And at Koara on Sunday:



Whatever you choose to do this weekend...