Folowing on with my theme of simplicity I present another

custom 'Avenue' to you:



Done with only 4 custom parts...



1) Diner's original 60mm wheel set:



3) Brooks black leather grips:



3) Brooks Team Pro S Saddle:






The 4th and final touch is a black riser by Nitto.


The results...



How will 'Experience your Road'?


Last Saturday I was invited to DJ at my beloved Mexicali

in Hino west Tokyo, that I blogged about just over a week



I was not alone Jesse Freeman also made his DJ debut,

with the perfect headphones to go with it:



Tune of his set:


We were also very blessed to be with a set by the Oshare

Kami-sama PoshGod...



His time with us is coming to an end, and it seems his 

journey here in Japan has been a good one... he has also 

landed a brand new radio on NTS - here it is:



Seriously the love was there at Mexicali...everyone who 

made it through thank you so much:



My last birthday cake for the year...