Well if so you saw the Thursday blog post you will know 

that I recently performed some standard maintenance on

my bike... 


Which makes such a world of difference, so much so that

I must say...I am feeling myself, feeling myself enough to

pick up a camera and take some proper snaps of my bike:



The above must be one of my favorite places to capture 

our bikes, with the temple in the background letting you 

know we are in Japan, Nishi Azabu to be exact.


However the sunshine was a bit strong and there was a 

black Mecerdes S Class (63 AMG) kind of blocking the way

did not really fancy taking my chances to ask the suited 

driver to move, as he was already looking at me suspectful

for taking pictures of my bike...you know I could just be 

pretending but actually taking snaps of him on the low...


So I moved to this wall, which provides us with a lovely 




Jokes aside, there is one important feature of my bike that 

I have mentioned before.


Which is my chain ring and crank combination:



The chain ring comes from the mighty Sugino NJS line

specifically the ZEN144 with a size of 52T:



Strong sturdy and allows me to put down as much power 

as my legs can produce to the wheel...NO BS!


Combined with SRAM's OMNIUM which has such solid 

crank arms and a very sturdy bottom bracket that 

rolls better than Wiz Khalifa:


That's how I am going to be experiencing my road this

summer... what about you?


I will leave you with some gems in the form of music

and while I have been off rap music for a bit... this 

mix kept me going while I was busy doing my writing

work... peep it!



It's made by a collective called 'WORKING ON DYING':




Who also make this lovely gear... coming to a Tokyo soon!



Today our guy from Koara paid us a visit to change his

bikes tires, which I lovely helped him do...

Expect a new photoshoot of Koara's updated bike soon!



Which brings us onto TONIGHT... I will be here:



Whatever you choose to do though...